Monday, 9 July 2018

Top Bathrooms Trends for 2018

Bathroom design and decor has become such a hot topic it’s on par with bedroom and kitchen styling. Far from purely functional, our bathrooms have become a sacred space to take a moment, wind down and well, just breathe.

If you’re considering installing a new bathroom or transforming an existing one, it can be hard to know where to start, especially with so many fresh design ideas bubbling to the surface every year. As leading bathroom designers and installers in the Amersham and Windsor area, we’ve sifted the style sections and industry blogs to bring you the top bathroom trends for 2018.

Blurred Lines – Straight lines are out, and curvaceous tiling is in. Waterproof and resilient, tiling plays a leading role in any bathroom. But whereas large format tiles and linear subway tiles have previously taken centre stage, patterned tiles are stealing the limelight. Several tile designers have released ceramic tile collections with vintage architectural motifs and patterns.

For inspiration, browse Porcelanosa’s Antique tiles featuring a Mediterranean pattern based on Hydraulic mosaics typically found in 20th century Catalan architecture. Available in soft shades of grey, brown, blue and silver, these tiles are ideal for creating a decorative floor or feature wall.

For understated styling, Villeroy & Boch’s Newtown tiles bear a subtle Victorian pattern from Germany’s Gründerzeit era. Each tile is a robust 60cm by 60cm and has the warm, worn look of natural stone, providing the perfect backdrop for a bath, shower or wet room.

If you’re craving a colour kick, Villeroy & Boch have also released the vibrant Cherie bathroom tile. Its Baroque style pattern in jade green make it a classic, elegant wall covering. To avoid pattern overkill, opt for half tiled walls, rather than fully tiled.

How can I get the look?
Patterned tiles can look amazing in bathrooms but achieving balance is crucial. Too much pattern will feel chaotic but used sparingly it will give your bathroom scheme a stunning focal point. To see the tiles mentioned above and how they might work in your bathroom, call into our Windsor or Amersham bathroom showrooms.

Browse these patterned tiles at your local European Bathrooms’ showroom:
Villeroy and Boch Newtown and Cherie tiles, Porcelanosa Antique tiles. 

The Boutique Hotel Bathroom - Replicating a boutique hotel bathroom involves creating a gloriously indulgent space and peppering it with personal quirks that make it uniquely yours.

The first step to achieving boutique chic is choosing the right fittings, which unlike pattern tiles, come under the bracket ‘more is more’. A boutique bathroom is shamelessly luxurious, characterised by freestanding baths, his and her basins and vanity units, walk-in showers and, of course, statement rainfall showers with more jets than Heathrow.

It’s also about personalising the look with furniture and accessories that you love, such as bringing in a favourite chair and piling it with books, adding unusual lighting fixtures or a retro industrial mirror.

How can I get the look?
A high-end boutique hotel bathroom starts with a good pinch of professional planning. Our bathroom designers can come to your home, measure up and determine the best use of space, so you can explore all layout possibilities – you’d be amazed how many smaller bathrooms can accommodate a standalone bath or double basin.

For freestanding bath ideas, take a look at Waters of Ashbourne baths on display at our Windsor and Amersham showrooms, or Villeroy & Boch’s oval-shaped Aveo bath, available at our Windsor showroom.

If you’re after an otherworldly showering experience, they don’t get more enjoyable or drench-worthy than Hansgrohe’s overhead showers. As well as boasting expansive shower heads, they offer a range of water sensations, from soothing ‘Rain Air’ with droplets like warm summer rain, to ‘Whirl’ which gently massages tired and tense muscles. Our best-selling Hansgrohe Raindance is available in both our showrooms, so come in and feel the difference for yourself.

If you’re keen to introduce a sumptuous walk-in shower or wet room, Majestic’s glass shower enclosures and wafer-thin shower trays look incredible in contemporary and classic settings. For an industrial edge, check out Majestic’s new range of metalcraft frames blending crittall-style black trims and glass.

Enjoy blissful bathing with Villeroy & Boch’s freestanding Aveo oval bath.
Hansgrohe’s Raindance shower provides a sumptuous showering experience.

Majestic’s Horizon shower enclosure with matt black frame has an elegant industrial edge.

Ready to make your smallest room the most popular room?

For more cutting-edge bathroom ideas, call into our Windsor or Amersham bathroom stores or arrange a free home design appointment here.

Friday, 27 April 2018

Six Ways to Make Your Bathroom Greener – including Ditching Plastic!

Did you know that a whopping 91% of plastic isn’t recycled? Or that a single plastic bottle takes over 400 years to degrade? Evidence suggests that in the bid to reduce plastic pollution, bathroom items are frequently overlooked for re-cycling.

Greener Flushing: This water-saving WC by Villeroy & Boch uses only 3 to 4.5 litres of water and can be incorporated into any bathroom.

As a leading supplier of high quality bathrooms in Bucks and Berks area, we take our responsibility to protect the environment seriously. Alongside supplying and installing the latest generation of water and energy-saving WCs and shower systems, we’re proud to pass on ways to help customers reduce their environmental impact.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Streamline Your Bathroom with Next-Generation Technology

Make more time for yourself and bring your bathroom bang up-to-date with the latest bath and shower technology. Whether you want to sit back and soak while catching up with your favourite show or take singing in the shower to the next level with digital surround sound, we have the perfect innovation for you. 

At European Bathrooms we’ve been designing, supplying and installing designer bathrooms and shower rooms across Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and the rest of the south-east for over two decades. As well as ensuring the finest finish in all aspects of decoration, flooring and tiling, we can install a host of latest smart bathing and showering accessories, transforming your bathroom into a truly immersive luxury space.  

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom in 2018, here are three of the best bathroom technologies available:

Bathroom TVs and Media Suites – Waterproof TVs are 100% safe to use in a bathroom environment which means you can catch up on your favourite programmes at any time of day, from getting ready in the morning, to winding down at the end of a long day. 

Our bathroom TVs have all the functions and features of a modern TV, including full HD, waterproof touch screen and waterproof remote control (so good, it even floats!). Other features include:

  • Surround Sound -  Speakers can be integral, fixed into the ceiling or even positioned under the shower for maximum effect. 
  • Screen Sizes - Screens come in a variety of sizes, from a compact 19-inches to a super-size 42-inches, and comprise heated glass, so stay condensation free. 
  • Flush-fit or Wall-mounted - For a sleek, subtle finish, our waterproof TVs can be wall-mounted or flush fit, which means they are fitted into the wall with a back box.
  • Is it a Mirror or a TV? -  Both! For a totally unobtrusive appearance, we can customise your TV to look like a contemporary glass mirror, so unless the TV is switched on, you wouldn’t even know it was there. 
  • Internet Access – Using your mobile in the bathroom can cause a range of problems, from mist build-up to complete loss of service if it’s fully immersed in water.The latest bathroom TVs can also incorporate internet access, allowing you to search online, stream music, watch videos and catch up with social media and emails.

Digital Showers – A digital shower doesn’t even have to look like a digital shower anymore. The technology has been perfected to the point that digital showers can blend into any style of bathroom. For example, if you prefer a classic theme, you can opt for an elegant shower head and valve made of metal and chrome with touches of ceramic. Alongside adaptable looks, digital showers offer unrivalled performance, including:

  • Precision temperature control – An integral thermostat checks the water constantly to ensure it maintains your desired temperature.
  • Colour change dials – Dials flash as the water heats up to your set temperature (which takes a matter of seconds) and then stay static to indicate it’s ready, so there’s never any hot/cold temperature surprises.
  • Switch streams – Want to divert water to the bath, or switch from hand held to over-head shower? You can change the water flow with a touch of a button. 
  • Digital water delivery – Models such as Crosswater’s Digital has its own app (currently for iPhones) which helps save precious snooze minutes by enabling you to run your shower or bath remotely from bed, or anywhere else in the home.     

You can browse a selection of Crosswater digital showers and fittings at our modern bathroom showrooms in Amersham and Windsor.

Jacuzzi® Whirlpool Baths – This leading brand of whirlpool baths may have been around for over sixty years but the engineering behind its hydrotherapy technology is refined constantly to deliver the best, ‘bubbliest’ bathing experience.   

The brand’s unique water jet technology sends an invigorating stream of air and water into the bath, in turn massaging different muscle groups. The clever part is that the pressure of the jets can be adjusted to high or low, allowing you to target areas of tension, such as in the neck, back and shoulders or simply lie back and have a super-soothing, relaxing bath. As well as creating your ideal massage strength, the Jacuzzi range provides innovative features such as touch technology and remote control, making the experience effortless too. 

Like to know more about our hi-tech bathroom technologies? Call into our Windsor  or Amersham showrooms. 

Crosswater Digital Showers: The MPRO dual outlet from Crosswater’s Kai collection provides absolute control over water temperature and comes with a one-touch remote control option, so you can even start your shower remotely. (Image courtesy of Crosswater).

Wash while you watch! Find out more about latest Aquavision waterproof TVs at European Bathrooms.  (Image courtesy of Aquavision).