Friday 4 November 2016

What to Look for When Buying a New Shower

Is your shower more splutter than splendid? Whether you’re looking for a shower to gently warm and wake you up on these dark autumn mornings or a stimulating shower to wash away the stresses of the day, here’s everything you need to know to find your perfect shower.

Crosswater’s latest Dial Shower system uses push button technology to control the water flow and temperature.

Check your water pressure – If you have a type of shower in mind, it’s important to check that your home’s water pressure is sufficient to power the shower. If it’s too low, then you may need to buy a shower head or pump specifically designed to improve the flow.  You can test the water using a pressure gauge or if you’re unsure then it’s best to call in a professional. We can do this as part of our home bathroom design service.

Check your water and heating system – To optimise the flow of your shower it’s important to identify the type of water and heating system you have. UK homes usually have one of three systems: Gravity-fed (vented system), Unvented system and Combination boiler.  

The gravity-fed system is the most common and comprises a cold water tank in the loft which usually sits above a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard below. The boiler heats the water in the cylinder and directs the hot water to the shower, bath and taps.

If water pressure is weak, then a booster pump can be installed to create higher pressure and a stronger water flow.

In an unvented system, the water cylinder accesses water from the mains and heats it with a coil. Because the cylinder is mains-fed, the water pressure is often high enough to create a good flow rate.

A Combi boiler heats water for showers, baths and taps and heating purposes as and when it’s needed. As it takes water direct from the mains, the pressure is often quite high making it compatible with most shower systems.      

Shower type – There are three principle types of shower: thermostatic mixer showers, electric showers and manual mixer showers.

Manual mixer showers merge hot and cold water feeds and a manual lever adjusts both the water flow and temperature. The disadvantage of manually mixing the feeds is that if the water supply isn’t balanced there can be a risk of scalding.

Electric showers operate via an integrated heating element and usually require high water pressure to work effectively.

For performance and safety reasons we recommend installing a thermostatic mixer shower system. Thermostatic mixer showers are easy to use, have an inbuilt thermostatic valve - making it easy to maintain your preferred water temperature – and the water temperature won’t suddenly dip or increase when people run taps or flush toilets elsewhere in the home.

Hansgrohe Raindance Select E300 is one of our best sellers. Call in to our Amersham and Windsor showrooms to see more.

All showers should be installed by a qualified plumber and electrician.  

We have an extensive range of luxury showers, shower heads, taps and mixers at our Amersham and Windsor bathroom stores, including Hansgrohe and Crosswater.
Shower heads – Luxurious and pampering or powerful and energising, choosing the right shower head can make a big difference to your showring experience. Generally, most shower heads with a thermostatic mixer shower require a pumped or pressurised system. However, our bathroom designers can advise accordingly.

  • Fixed overhead shower head – Overhead shower heads envelop you in rain-like water jets leaving you feeling clean and refreshed. They come in a wide variety of shapes and styles and the larger the shower head, the more luxurious feeling the shower.

For the ultimate overhead rainfall shower, take a look at Hansgrohe’s Raindance.  

Boasting a 360mm wide spray disc, it delivers an unrivalled rainfall sensation. Plus, its unique AirPower design sucks air into the water making each drop feel light and soft. If you’re keen to conserve water, the system reduces water usage too, helping to sustain water resources and save you money.

  • Flexible shower kit – The shower head is attached to a fixed slide bar so it can be moved up and down to match the user’s height. The shower head can also be removed for free-style showering.  

  • Combination shower head – This shower gives you the best of both worlds as it usually comprises a fixed shower head and a detachable hand shower.  

If you like the flexibility that comes with a combination shower system, Hansgrohe Raindance is one of the best available. Using cutting-edge showering technology, the hand shower and overhead shower have a Select button to adjust the water jet. Depending on your mood you can switch from relaxing ‘RainAir’ for gentle raindrops to ‘Rain’ – an energising rain jet – to ‘Swirl’, which delivers massaging jets of water.

Make time in the shower special. If you’re looking for the very best showers, shower heads, shower enclosures and accessories, come and talk to us at European Bathrooms. Our showrooms in Amersham and Windsor carry a wide range of the most luxurious showers, plus our experts are on hand to answer all your technical and design queries. We can also arrange complete professional installation.